Lens Surgery


A lensectomy is a very similar procedure to PRELEX.

Rather than replacing the natural lens of the eye with an artificial multi-focal lens, a mono-focal lens is used, providing clear vision at only one point of focus.


The procedure is performed in our day surgery and both eyes are usually done on the same day. The eye is anaesthetised with eye drops to ensure patient comfort during the procedure. Dr Ilan Sebban will make a micro-incision (of 2.5mm or less) in the eye so that the natural lens can be removed using ultrasonic vibrations. The natural lens is replaced by a foldable mono-focal intraocular lens, which is inserted through the micro-incision. Once inside the eye, the lens unfolds as it is placed into permanent position. No sutures are required because the tiny micro-incision is self-sealing.

Although everyone heals differently, most patients see improvement in their vision almost immediately and most resume normal activities within a day or two.

Benefits of a lensectomy

It creates a new visual system inside the eye, one that can provide the focusing power to see near, intermediate and far images with minimal dependence on corrective lenses and is independent of the ageing process.  Surgery may result in you throwing away your traditional or progressive bi-focal or multi-focal prescription glasses

This procedure is suitable for those who are presbyopic and/or extremely long-sighted (hyperopic) or short-sighted (myopic).

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