Our Fees

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Our Fees

Our doctors believe that advanced eye care and excellent services should be accessible and affordable for all.

That is Our Vision! You shouldn’t have to pay for more.

The Sydney Eye Clinic is proud to be one of the first eye care centres providing advanced, latest technology in cataract, laser refractive and many other treatments in Brookvale for more than 25 years.

We support our local private day surgery by operating on the same site as our consultation rooms. You don’t have to travel anywhere for your surgery, it’s done in the same building by the same friendly nurses and staff who cared for you when you first came for your appointment.

We guarantee you don’t have to wait more than two weeks to have your cataract surgery or laser refractive surgery. Why?  Why is it that you don’t have to wait to have surgery? Because our doctors are more available for you, our day surgery is accessible to us because we’re in house and we have a dedicated theatre just for our doctors. Because we believe you shouldn’t have to wait for great service and results.

No Gap Cataract Surgery

If you’re privately insured and have top hospital cover, the Sydney Eye Clinic will provide a no-gap cataract surgery for all patients with any health fund provider.  This means there are no out of pocket costs. No hidden costs.  We believe that you’ve paid enough premiums towards your health funds so that when it comes to looking after your greatest assets, your vision, there should be no need to pay extra.  We will cover it all for you.  We will help regain your youthful vision through advanced cataract surgery at no extra cost.

If you’re uninsured with no private health fund, please don’t worry, we will look after you too, our non-private fund cataract prices are very low.  Full quotation and information will be provided at the time of your assessment or call us on 9907 3003 and we can quote you over the phone.

Lowest Laser Vision Correction Price

All inclusive $1788 per eye laser vision correction with TransPRK will include free initial assessment, free follow up checks up to 12 months, free enhancements or touch ups within 12 months.

The Sydney Eye Clinic believes that laser eye surgery with TransPRK should be made accessible and affordable to those who need it.  As such, we aim to be the most competitively priced laser vision correction centre in Australia, quoting an all-inclusive price for laser vision correction.

For more information on costs and also interest free payment plan options visit Payment Plan.

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