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The Sydney Eye clinic specialises only in Advanced Surface Laser know as TransPRK or PRK.

We do not offer LASIK for many reasons which we will explain below.


Most of us would by now understand the concept of laser vision correction and how it can free us from contacts and glasses, however, many are still confused as to which laser vision correction procedure to choose. In the past, LASIK was regarded as the de-facto procedure of choice. But recent developments in laser vision correction have made it such that there are now other equally viable and safer alternatives out there.

Many patients are not aware of the differences between LASIK and Trans PRK.  The fundamental difference between LASIK and TransPRK  is that LASIK requires a cut into the eye, using a blade or a laser, creating a permanent flap in the cornea, which is lifted to expose the stromal tissue for laser treatment. This permanent separation of the cornea is replaced after the laser is completed.

The three popular methods of laser vision correction, namely PRK, LASIK and SMILE – PRK is the only surface-based method that do not involve the cutting of the cornea. Therefore, they have the advantage of having no risk of corneal flap complications and the least risk of procedure-induced dry eyes complications.

The primary benefit of TransPRK is that it does not require any cuts into the cornea. Instead, gentle exfoliation of the surface epithelium layer ultimately leaves the strength and endurance of the stromal tissue uncompromised.

TransPRK is our laser treatment of choice because it offers a minimally invasive, flap-less and blade-less procedure with no cutting of a flap. Visual recovery is slower in TransPRK but it is more precise and has a lower rate of enhancement or retreatment. LASIK on the other hand provides a quick recovery, but because a corneal flap is cut, there is a greater risk of corneal flap complications and dry eyes due to the cutting of the flap. Therefore, we prefer TransPRK for those who are risk averse and lead an active lifestyle.

If you want to learn more about other laser vision correction methods, please read the summary on the the different types of laser treatments.

Schwind Comparison Chart – Laser Procedures Since 1987

Our surgeon can advise you on which procedure is best for you pending on the outcome of your tests and prescription.

You don’t have to put up with the hassles of glasses and contact lenses, especially now with COVID, mask wearing is essential which causes your glasses to fog up, slippage and an extra things to carry and remember to bring when you leave the house.

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Hear Dr Sebban explain how laser vision correction is done with Renee.

Dr Sebban explaining when Renee can go back to work and be on the computer following her laser vision correction.

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