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For many people with glasses or contact lenses, laser eye surgery is fast becoming an appealing treatment for improved vision.

That is, until they see the price.

Our low cost Laser Vision Correction with TransPRK of $1,788 per eye is an all inclusive fee

Free initial assessment with the Orthoptists or Doctors

Free follow up check ups (within 12 months of treatment)

Free enhancements or touch ups (within 12 months of treatment and if applicable to your requirements*)

  • Some patients can only have laser treatment once in their lifetime, as there is not enough corneal tissue to have it safely done a second time.
  • Cost of medications and eye drops that you may need following your laser surgery are not included in this price, as it will vary between individuals. It may cost an extra $150 approximately.
  • Easy Payment Plan is also available!

The Sydney Eye Clinic believes that laser eye surgery with TransPRK should be made accessible and affordable to those who need it.  As such, we aim to be the most competitively priced laser vision correction centre in Australia, quoting an all-inclusive price for laser vision correction.

This $1,788 per eye all inclusive price is achieved through the reduction of overheads associated with patient acquisition, such as advertising and fees commonly paid to other eye care practitioners for patient referrals. The Sydney Eye Clinic relies on patient referrals and positive word-of-mouth to attract new patients and is therefore able to keep the price low.

Book now! DON’T wait! Why pay more? 

Three simple steps to making freedom from glasses or contact lenses a reality

STEP 1: The Free Consultation.

Discussion about your eye health, your prescription, your suitability for laser vision correction and which is the best laser treatment options for you. This usually takes an hour or more depending on your eyes and your needs.

Why this consultation is the most important step? Because we believe that planning is the key to success.

  • We take time to answer all your questions and concern.
  • We take time to do the measurements.
  • We take the time to know what your expectation is and ensure that it can be achieved or not
  • We take time to explore alternatives if it is more suitable or safer to your particular circumstances.

Not everyone is suitable for laser surgery. So to avoid the disappointment, we recommend you book for your free assessment as there’s no obligation at this step.  Only with the information we provide, can help you make an informed decision if laser surgery at the Sydney Eye Clinic is for you.

STEP 2: The Laser Surgery.

If you are suitable for laser surgery with TransPRK, you can book in on the same day to have your treatment done.  We will prep and walk you through the treatment process and then within seconds of painless lasering under our Amaris laser machine, you will be able to sit up and walk out of our clinic and home for recovery.

STEP 3: The Recovery & Check up.

Once home, you will sleep and rest, follow all the instructions and medications we’ve given to help you recover quickly. We will phone you and give you the doctor’s after hours numbers to call anytime. Follow up consultations will be booked at the time that’s convenient to you.


A simple 1 2 3 steps if taken will provide you with the new life you’ve been waiting for – life without the hassles of glasses and contact lenses.


All patients are given a thorough cataract assessment, at which all the details of the procedure will be discussed with you, including the cost of surgery.

For the uninsured, the exact cost of cataract surgery is dependent on the type of intraocular lens implant this will be discussed at your cataract assessment and full quotation will be provided.

We believe that cataract surgery, just like laser eye surgery, should be made accessible and affordable to those who need it.  As such, we aim to keep the price as low as possible.

For more information on the costs of laser eye surgery, cataract surgery or any other procedure offered at the Sydney Eye Clinic, please contact us today. One of our friendly staff members will be happy to assist with your enquiry.

PreLEX/ Phakic IOL/ Artisan/Artiflex IOLs

Prelex is a vision correction procedure whereby the natural lens in the eye is replaced with an artificial multifocal intraocular lens. PreLEX creates visual system inside the eye, one that can provide the focusing power to see near, intermediate and far images with minimal dependence on corrective lenses and is independent of the ageing process. This means PreLEX surgery may result in you throwing away your traditional or progressive bi-focal or multi-focal prescription glasses.

Phakic IOL is a procedure that Dr Ilan Sebban performs using the Artisan/Artiflex IOLs. During implantation, the lens is first centred in front of the pupil and then iris tissue is enclosed between the claws of the lens so that it remains in the correct position. The part of the iris where the lens is held in place is in the mid-periphery, which is immobile during pupillary movement. This iris fixation method has already been in use for over 35 years and is both safe and effective.  This is available for very high myopic patients who’s script is not possible with TransPRK.

PreLEX and any Phakic IOL surgery at Sydney Eye Clinic starts from $4,000 -$5,000 per eye depending on the type of lenses your eye needs. For more information about the procedure, costs and payment options, please contact us today. 

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