Laser Eye Surgery


It is now possible to perform “no touch” laser eye surgery with the SCHWIND AMARIS® laser.

Transepithelial Photorefractive Keratectomy, or TransPRK, is the only surface treatment where the eye doesn’t require contact with a surgical instrument.

Resulting in a smaller wound surface, patients who have TransPRK benefit from a quicker recovery time and ultimately achieve outstanding results.


TransPRK is a new one-step, incision-free procedure.  Using the one laser, the epithelium (the regenerative outer surface of the eye) is gently removed and the cornea precisely reshaped.  Our state-of-the-art laser concentrates a ‘cool’ ultraviolet light beam and high-energy pulses on the cornea. The laser removes a microscopic amount of stromal tissue, calculated on the pre-operative analysis and determination of the power of your eye. The procedure enables the contour of the cornea to be reshaped in less than one minute.

Unlike LASIK, there is no incision or flap created in the cornea with TransPRK.

After the cornea of the eye has been re-contoured, clear contact lenses are used to reduce discomfort during the healing of the epithelium and provide protection for the eye. The contact lenses are usually removed 3-4 days after surgery at your first post-operative assessment. The Sydney Eye Clinic is able to provide the necessary medication to minimise any discomfort during your recovery.

Benefits of TransPRK

  • No touch – all laser
  • It removes the epithelium more precisely and easily than manual PRK
  • The wound surface is usually smaller so it heals quicker
  • The epithelium and stroma can be removed at the same time and with greater accuracy
  • Overall treatment time is shortened
  • It minimises further the risks of corneal dehydration

Safe, Gentle and Precise

Treatment takes place directly on the upper surface of the cornea. There are no cut or flap complications. This non-invasive method leaves a very stable cornea and thus provides more safety for the patient.

Furthermore, the SCHWIND AMARIS laser ablates the epithelium more precisely, evenly, and easily than do manual or alcohol-assisted methods.


In just one step, the epithelium is removed and the refractive correction performed. This shortens the treatment time considerably, minimising the risk of corneal dehydration. Due to the smaller wound area, healing is faster than with manual methods.


TransPRK is suitable for all laser candidates wishing to see clearly. It is ideal for active and athletic people, and for professions where sharp vision is needed. TransPRK is also a good treatment option for patients with thin, pathological or irregular corneas.


TransPRK is easy and time-saving in use.

You don’t have to put up with the hassles of glasses and contact lenses, especially now with COVID, mask wearing is essential which causes your glasses to fog up, slippage and an extra things to carry and remember to bring when you leave the house.

Life’s a bit complicated enough, simplify it with Laser Vision Correction now! contact the Sydney Eye Clinic or call 1300 128 114 for a free consultation.

Clear vision is more affordable than you think.

Image below shows the alignment lights from the laser machine as this patient has TransPRK treatment.

As you can see TransPRK is bladeless, touchless, fast and precise due to the latest technology used with the Schwind laser machine.

Listen to Dr Sebban’s explanation of the procedure of TransPRK to Renee.

Preparing for your TransPRK treatment

  1. An appointment with the laser surgeon in Brookvale or Darlinghurst can be made on 1300 128 114.
  2. What will I need to bring?
    1. Someone to accompany you on the day of the your TransPRK procedure as you will be unable to drive home or take public transport on your own after the surgery.
    2. We will be giving instructions to your carer to assist you with your medications and eye drops during your recovery period.
  3. Important to remember:
    1. If you wear contact lenses, ensure you have not worn them for at least
      • 2 weeks for soft contact lenses or
      • 4 weeks, for hard contact lenses prior to the appointment date and procedure day.
    2. Take Vitamin C tablets, at least 3 days prior to the procedure.
    3. Have a full meal on the day of the procedure and drink plenty of water.
    4. Avoid alcohol for at least 24 hours before (and 48 hours after) the procedure.
    5. Wash your hair and face on the day of the procedure.
    6. Do not wear any eye make up, perfumes or aftershave lotion on the day of the procedure.
    7. Wear something warm and comfortable on the day of the procedure. Avoid any items that are woollen or with loose fibres.

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