Laser Vision Correction

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Laser Vision Correction

There are a few different types of laser eye surgical procedures.

The Sydney Eye Clinic specialises in TransPRK a very well proven, safe and effective techniques.

The Sydney Eye Clinic uses the best technology available, combined with the surgical skill of Dr Ilan Sebban to achieve the best results for our patients for over 25 years.

Laser Vision Correction

Helping you improve your vision is important to us.

Clearer vision without glasses and contact lenses can be achieved in a single one-step, incision free laser treatment.

Is the technology of the laser machine important? YES! 100%

At the Sydney Eye Clinic we inform all our patients the type laser machine we use, it’s technology and why it is important in achieving excellent results.

This is our laser, it is the latest model, the best in its range and the features are built to deliver precision and outstanding results every time.

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We have payment options for Laser, PreLEX and Cataract Surgery.