Dr Edwin Figueira

MBBS, MSc (Ophthalmic pathology), MS (Ophthalmology), FRANZCO
Oculoplastic, Eye Lids, Lacrimal (Tear duct) and Orbital surgeon

Dr Edwin Figueira has sub-speciality experience in Oculoplastic (Eyelid/ eyelid tumors/ Thyroid eye disease) surgery, tear duct surgery (endoscopic lacrimal surgery) and Orbital (eye socket) surgery. He has extensive subspecialty expertise in minimal incision eyelid surgery, endoscopic tear duct surgery and endoscopic orbital surgery.

Dr Figueira completed his Oculoplastic Lacrimal and Orbital fellowship at the Royal Adelaide Hospital and the Women and Children Hospital in Adelaide after completing his Australian ophthalmology training at the Prince of Wales Hospital in Sydney.

He has published widely on Oculoplastics and Lacrimal topics in peer-reviewed medical journals and has also presented various internationally collaborated studies on eyelid and orbital and tear duct conditions at Australian and international Ophthalmology and Ophthalmic Plastic surgical conferences. Dr Figueira has numerous first author publications in a range of internationally renowned Ophthalmology journals. He consults and operates in the Sydney Eye Clinic in Brookvale.

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