An Artisan/Artiflex lens is an ultra thin and implantable contact lens that is a reliable alternative to popular laser eye surgery treatments. The lens implants are placed inside the eye in front of the iris, much like a permanent contact lens. The lens does not need maintenance and can stay there for life, but it can also be removed at any time, if required.

Artisan and Artiflex lenses are made of different materials. The optical part of the Artiflex lens is made of silicone, a flexible material. The Artisan lens is made of PMMA, an inflexible plastic.



This procedure is performed under general anaesthetic in our day surgery.  During the surgery, a small incision is made in your cornea so that the lens can be inserted through the opening in the anterior chamber. Once the lens has been positioned exactly in front of the pupil, it is then fixed to the iris with two clips on either side of the lens.

Dr Ilan Sebban is one of Australia's most experienced eye surgeons with expertise in Artisan lens implant surgery. 



For those who are extremely short sighted, long sighted, astigmatic, or who have an inadequate amount of corneal tissue or questionable corneal health, Artisan lens implants can be a safer and better option.

Other benefits include:

  • The treatment is reversible - If anything should go wrong, the eye can be returned to its original state. This is not possible in laser treatments where, during the treatment, a layer of the cornea is removed by the laser.


  • Excellent visual acuity - Artisan and Artiflex lenses maintain excellent visual acuity since the central cornea remains intact.


  • Safe and effective - Artisan lenses have been implanted for more than 25 years. Extensive studies have shown the lens to be safe and effective, even in the long term.


  • Even major deviations can be corrected - Artisan and Artiflex lenses are also available if you have a high plus or minus deviation (+12 to -23.5 dioptres) with or without cylinders. This is in contrast to laser treatments. 


Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an   appropriately qualified health practitioner. Read more about the  Consent Information for Artisan lens surgery.

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